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JAIL LUST Boy Sucks Policeman's Cock

January 10, 2012 by Cocky Latins

You donít mess with these men, you simply donít. The boys are in trouble, and thereís nobody to help them out. Everybody seeks to get a piece of their backdoor! Watch hapless twinks fucked raw and hard all over the prisons of the country. Older inmates, cops, it can be anybody. Sex craze is all over the place! Get in for thrilling, blood-boiling stories of young VS old lust battles! JailLust is something you would hate to miss, so see now at!

LATIN BOY VIDEO: paulo massa and ruben Part 1

January 10, 2012 by Cocky Latins

paulo massa and ruben part one complete 13-minute video from!

New At BANG BANG BOYS: Leandro bangs Stefano

January 10, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Leandro Matt has been dying to get a piece of Stefano's ass and who am I to deny the horny boy. Watch him hammer it hard in this sizzling new video of two very beautiful Latino guys at!

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January 10, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Watch real Mexican men beating their uncut meat at!

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New At BI-LATIN MEN: Azteca, Oso & Diablo

January 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

These real-life "straight" Mexican homies are getting more and more comfortable handling dick. We were shocked and pleased that Azteca was able to take two big dicks up his tight man hole in the same dick-down session. Towards the end of the video, check out how fast he gets fucked by Oso's fat long cock. You can truly say that these "straight" guys have become bi latin men. They would disagree with me and say they are doing it only for the money. Hmmm...if that were the case, why are they hooking up with each other on the down low & practicing? I always wonder what their wives & girlfriends would say if they saw them taking dick at!

New At STR8 RENT BOYS: Santiago

January 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Latin Uncut Banter Boy. Santiago is not your typical straight guy, nor does he have the typical cock. In fact, there is nothing really 'typical' about him, from his uncut cock to his love of being a straight guy and wanting girls to rim him. At 23 years old, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, Santiago is perfectly cut out for the football team and we find out he is indeed a fraternity jock (who now needs some money to pay off the student loan). It's obvious guy this is not inhibited as all, as he proudly shows us his uncut cock and demonstrates how he loves women to lick inside the skin and around his sensitive head...all the while his big 8 inches of hard thick meat cock remaining hard as rock and oozing with pre-cum at!

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New At CHAOS MEN: Jaime

January 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

How about some Latin loving with a touch or shoe/sock fetish to spice up a solo? Jaime is 24, and has done some online cam work before. All of it non-nude, so he is kind of used to "requests." He has an amazing body with an uncut cock with boomerang action. His body fat is pretty low, and his feet are usually cold. So he started-off the shoot with only one request, to keep his socks on. I One-Upped him by having him keep his sneakers on too. His shoes looked cute on him when he stepped off the airplane; all unlaces and ready to fall off. He likes girls Very much, but has that style and manner that makes me wonder. He was VERY picky about the porn I would play for him. Blonde, big tits, not too old, and of course, we had to find his favorite sex position- reverse cowgirl. The highlight for the sock loving fans is after Jaime unloads, he takes his sock off and cleans up all his cum, including getting every bit out of his foreskin and piss hole. Might not be for everyone, but it is nice to get something a bit different for the big finale at!

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New At STR8 HELL: Jordan

January 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

On the street Jordan considers himself to be top dog, pushing drugs and pimping out his bitches. We want to tame this tough gangster and teach him how to work like his whores. That long silky mane of his is extremely useful in holding his anal hook in place and keeping his head up for training. With his balls yanked painfully and his arsehole burning Jordan has to strain painfully to plant his lips over Adrian's cock and push his tongue up Dave's arse. It's a public service we're doing punishing and humbling this thug. But we're not expecting handouts from the government for our work; the satisfaction of using this straight cunt's body is payment enough at!


January 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

With his dark hair and eyes, tantalizingly hairy chest and sumptuously well-defined body, Aleco Sahara is the whole package. As Aleco pounds on his cock, he slips the didlo into his ass over and over. His hairs gleam against the edge of the phallus, slicked and shining with lube. Leaning back, he teases his nipples one last time as he sprays his full cumload over his chest. His stream arcs, squirting him across his torso, reaching up past his slightly raised nipples. As Aleco lightly rubs the jizz droplets into his skin, his matted body hair swirls, shifting into moistened patterns on his stomach at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Connor Maguire & Van Wilder

January 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

We knew Connor Maguire would help us out as soon as he took one look at his costar, newcomer Van Wilder. Van is new to the industry and at 19 years of age, this Miami boy has a promising future packing that big ol' dick. For those of you unfamiliar with Connor, he's a California boy and now legal at 21 years of age. Van and Connor are hanging out before their shoot when Van asks Connor what the hat he's got about. It's a CJB hat which he explains stands for CircleJerkBoys. Van is confused thinking he's shooting for ExtraBigDicks when Connor checks him and says "Well to shoot for EBD you need to have an Extra Big Dick." Van grins and informs Connor he's in luck because he just happens to have a really big dick. He gets up and undoes his pants so that Connor can find out for himself at!

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New At BAD PUPPY: Aleson and Gabriel Liarh

January 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

27 year old Aleson and 23 year old Gabriel Liarh, a pair of hot South American Latinos, both in the city, awake to each other out on their balconies. They practically rip each others clothes off, in getting down to business. Gabriel is the first to make his move, going down on Aleson's uncut cock. Aleson sits up and begins fucking Gabriel's face. Gabriel bends over and Aleson begins licking, munching and fingering his ass. After orally pleasing each other, Aleson lubes Gabriel up, slapping him on the ass, prior to taking the plunge into Gabriel's ass, where he pounds him 9 ways to Sunday. Gabriel appears to like it a little rough. He blows his load while being plowed and Aleson pulls out and cums all over Gabriel's ass at!

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New At BOYZ PARTY: Maciel Doma & Ryan Gold

January 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

As soon as they saw 19 year old Ryan Gold stripping down naked in front of the washer, turned on the cameras just in time to spot 20 year old Maciel Doma walk up behind his friend and help himself to a feel of those succulent white ass cheeks! It did not take Ryan long to turn around, strip Maciel naked and drop to his knees to suck that amazingly thick, long uncut club of a cock. Stopping only for some heavy duty kissing, and even heavier ass eating, Maciel had Ryan lube up his giant cock with spit before bending him over the kitchen table and fucking that glorious ass to Christmas and back, before flipping him over for a secondary drilling until it was time to pull out and criss cross Maciel's face with a mammoth load of jizz. Since it is a season of giving, the buck, the fuck and the spooge doesn't stop there as Ryan treats Maciel to a facial he, errr, never saw cumming at!


January 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Freshfaced newbie Ray Hernandez represents that rare dream come true, where the porn watcher becomes the porn being watched. Ray Hernandez, with his dick-sucking lips and huge uncut cock is definitely welcome on my casting couch! And, as luck would have it, he's also ready to jack off for me. Ray undresses easily when I ask to see more. Mere moments of rubbing on his dick through his bluejeans have unleashed a monstrous penis, 7 inches long by my tape measurement's indication! Watching, as he tugs the tanned foreskin back over and over to reveal the tip of his pink glistening cockhead is like being entertained by a sexy peek-a-boo peepshow. As cum shots go, this one's a beauty: Ray gasps as the jizz ropes fall like spilt milk across his torso. His warm load, gleaming bright white like a candied glaze, dribbles down his his shaft to his thumb, and jiggles there as he violently jerks the last few silkened strands from his heaving spunkshaft at!

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January 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Alonso Soaps up his Cock Young hairy and sexy latino studs wanks his fat long uncircumcised latin cock while soaping up in the shower at!

"Showering Twink Dennis" free tube video preview from!

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New At SEAN CODY: Jessie

January 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Jessie is a college student who works part time as a server in a restaurant. He still has a few years to go in school. "I couldn't decide what I wanted to do," he said. "I kept changing my mind so that put me behind a little." Jessie is gay and has been out since high school. "My school was really diverse," he explained. "It wasn't a big deal," he says at!






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