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March 10, 2012 by Black Studz

Don't you love TINO's lean fuzzy body and big stiff dick pointing up towards the sky?? I'd love to bury my nose in his pubes and lick his hairy balls! LatinBoyz is an online magazine for men that are obsessed by hot naked Latinos. Unlike a regular paper magazine, you don't have to wait an entire month for a new issue because we add new pages with our hot photos, videos, true stories and much more every day at!


March 10, 2012 by Black Studz

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New At SD BOY: Stranded on Bareback Island 4 - Roberth & Roger

March 10, 2012 by Black Studz

Roberth & Roger are out enjoying the waves. Coming in, their both horny, so Roberth begins to work on Rogers pink hole by using his tongue and then 1, 2, 3 fingers to loosen up Roger. Soon Roberth is sliding his raw cock in Rogers loosened hole. Download Full Video at!

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New Movies At BO LATINO!

March 10, 2012 by Black Studz

TWO XXL COCKS ON LATINO Here is a hot threesome to look forward to: A handsome passive Brazilian handled by two pervy friends both hung like a pony. The sexy Latino dude gets his lips wrapped around a 9 inch cock while another enters his tight hole... Fuck me in the stairs, I canít wait any longer! Two scorching hot Latinos are so horny, they don't even wait to be in their flat and start fucking in the stairs. The boned-up studs get it on right there, knowing that anyone could catch them at anytime. They just don't care! Check this out! The perfect fuck! You enjoyed our passed Black duets and our Latino vs mixed-race session so...check out this brand new video filmed near an abandoned house! The top is Black, defined, nicely hung with a hard long cock that's just waiting to be licked and worshipped. The passive is super sexy and masculine, sweet and sensual but manly at the same time. Now just sit back and enjoy this magic encounter in front of our cameras! Latino boys: Sex on fire! Gaspar Loronha and Ulises Cuen are two sexy Latinos who live for sex. That's all they think about day and night! So when the two of them get together you know you're in for something special! Their sex is on fire and so will yours! Check them out now.

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SAUSAGE PARTY's "Big Gay House Party"

Posted on 3/10/2012 by Daddy Wood

Sausage Party makes a home delivery in this exciting update. NOt sure if it was someones birthday or just a house full oh horny slutty dudes, but the sausage party got called in and the sausage party dilevered...a bunch a hot horny dudes at!

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March 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Exclusive photos and videos of Brazilians, Argentineans, Colombians and more all filmed on site throughout Central and South America. Young, hung thick uncut cocks, shooting loads of white sticky cum all over their tanned bodies. Unlimited video downloads . Updated every week at!

BROKE & HORNY's Long-Haired Juan

March 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Straight Guys Going Gay for $$! Exclusive Photos and Videos of horny hot straight guys! Solos, duos, threesomes, all getting naked and going gay for our camera! The best hot str8t guys, bi and gay men with unlimited video downloads and streaming videos at!


March 9, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Our site is totally addicted to latino boys from South America. We love watching them stripping, playing with their big cocks, sucking each other's balls and drilling down each other. Why latinos? Well, just watch the previews to see the passion at!

New At RAGING STALLION: Aybars Fucks Leo Forte

March 9, 2012 by Black Studz

Cow hand Leo Forte is practicing his whip prowess when Aybars approaches and lays his lips on him. The making out leads to Aybars' stiff staff emerging from his jeans. Leo is down on it instantaneously. The sculpted and furry Turkish cowboy then rams Leo, who braces himself on some hay bales, generating moans of ecstasy. It's not long before Leo's on his back, boots in the air and Aybars is aggressively jamming every inch deeper at!

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New At OUT IN PUBLIC: Out For Some Random Ass!

March 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

What's up people? Joey Ray bringing you this weeks Out In Public update and im out here in the mean streets of miami trying to get my boy some random ass lol so were out doing what we do and we see this guy waiting for the bus and he looked perfect for my friend. We start talking to him and he wasn't backing down and was agreeing to everyhting we threw at him accepts our offer and everything I mean now a days with this bad economy anyone is willing to anything for that cash and that worked right in our favor I tell ya! so we find a spot where my friend gos to town on this kid and the guy loves every second of it at!

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LATINO GUYS Episode 4 With Impala

March 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

At we have countless gay videos and str8 videos and solo videos too! We got big dick guys banging their dumb girlfriends and guys banging their dumb big dick boyfriends too! We got strangers coming off da street and sitting down on our couch and jacking off their humungous dicks til cum bursts out of dey dick hole! We got thugs bored as fuck waitin' to be called for dey next drive by. So we tell them to KILL some time with us and to pull down their pants and to make it happen! AND THEY DO! U name it, we got it: Latin Folks, Black folks, White folks, Red, Green and Blue! Hung young Latino jock IMPALA is featured in Episode 4 at!

SAUSAGE PARTY's "Happy Birthday"

March 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Who could ask for a better birthday gift then a surprise sausage party. Henry has the birthday bash of his life, and eats a hell of a lot more than cake. He also heats ass and cock at!

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New Movies At GAY ARAB CLUB!

March 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

I take my cock out for you guys. "Yo man! Listen up! I've been told many times in the past that I could make money by wanking in front of a camera... I wasn't too keen on the idea. Recently though I fucked two dudes and my confidence is way high!!! So here I am. I'm gonna take my cock out, rub it in front of you and shoot my load while I think of thou watching me" ;-) Beautiful cock on the beach. Check this out: on a sandy beach, during the hottest hour of the day, when everyone stays home to hide from the scorching sun, an Arab stud with the most amazing cock is pleasuring himself. Watch this vid and fall in love with his beautiful dick! Walid is a tough fucker! "Yo dudes! I'm Walid. I'm kind of nice and quiet but when I fuck, hell breaks loose! I become a tough macho-man who takes what he wants. I'm a hard ass-banger and when I shove my cock in a dude's mouth, it goes all the way down his throat. Check me out and see what I'm talking about!" Cum in and watch Sakir! "Sup dudes?! I'm Sakir and this is my first time doing stuff like this. At first I didn't want to do it but they told me I'd drive all the gay guys crazy if I showed my cut cock to the camera. Apparently I'm really cute. That's right, everyone is always checking me out when I'm walking on the beach.... Anyway, you don't have to believe me, you to see for yourselves!" Faraon, a true fucker with a great cock! "Wassup guys?! I'm Faraon and I love wanking in front of the camera while lying on the beach. I usually use my dick to fuck asses and my right hand to slap them. I'm popular with the boys and the girls. As long as I get a hole to fuck, I'm happy! Ok so...time to rub my cock now. Join me now!"

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CFNM SHOW's Timeathon

March 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

CFNM Show had a thing they call a timeathon which is basically the first guy that gets hard gets to have sex with the girls at!


March 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins


15 TOPS 1 BOTTOM's Lucky Kevin

March 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

"It's Just A Movie" Kevin is one dumb SOB. We invited him for viewing of our 15 Tops 1 Bottom behind the scenes trailer. After watching the footage, he was down for the cause, but at a "high" price - $350 LOL Lord we were thrilled. We got right down to business and hammered away at his cute virgin mouth. Soon after we bend his tight ass over and go to town! Real straight guy, paid and sprayed with cum! Join now for only $1! WATCH one lucky horny guy KEVIN suck off and get fucked by fifteen randy South American uncut studs at!

New At RAGING STALLION: Antonio Biaggi, Bo Matthews & Luke Hass

March 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Bo Matthews goes to work on Luke Hass's big cock before Luke sheaths up and shoves his dick into Bo's hole, fucking him slowly at first and then more forcefully. Antonio Biaggi joins in with Bo sucking him while Luke continues to pound away at his ass. Once Luke is done, Antonio gets a piece of ass, plunging his gigantic tool deep into Bo who groans with pleasure and begs for more of Biaggi's huge low-hanging face-slapping balls at!

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JAIL LUST's Daddy Guard Fucks Badboy Inmate

March 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

You donít mess with these men, you simply donít. The boys are in trouble, and thereís nobody to help them out. Everybody seeks to get a piece of their backdoor! Watch hapless twinks fucked raw and hard all over the prisons of the country. Older inmates, cops, it can be anybody. Sex craze is all over the place! Get in for thrilling, blood-boiling stories of young VS old lust battles! JailLust is something you would hate to miss, so see now at!

New At RAGING STALLION: Hunter Marx fucks Juaquin Ramirez

March 7, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Joaquin Ramirez interupts Hunter Marx and suggests he take a break from work. Joaquin gets down on his knees to service Hunter's meat, drawing it in and inhaling the musky aroma of his sweaty crotch. Hunter's all smiles, enjoying the sensation of having the young man's lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. Soon it's the big guy craving a snack and he quickly slurps up a helping of ass as he begins to devour Joaquin's hole. After juicing up his buddy's man cave with enough spit, Hunter steps up to fuck him. He grinds in slow and sure, then accelerates, going faster and faster. Both men are getting a workout and finally finish with Hunter the first to cum and Joaquin quickly answering with a hefty serving of his own at!

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New At MIAMI BOYZ: Beneto

March 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Beneto is a hot 19 year old who we noticed playing basketball at the park. He was in a jersey that showed off his lean arms and torso so we knew that he had a great build...we also noticed his sexy face and the noticeable bulge in his shorts! We wanted to see more so we waited until the game was over and the guys started to leave...we gave him our business card and told him to call when he got a chance. We were right...he has the whole package from the 6 pack abs to the UNCUT COCK we were expecting! He was very easy to work with and had no attitude at all...just eager to show off his 19 year old body at!


March 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

We've got such a nice treat today to have these two chisled muscle studs on set and got to see them show off their tight man bodies for us. Fabian and Brock take their fitness pretty seriously and Brock tells us about how he got into working out and body building. Fabian immediately takes an interest and asks if Brock will show him some of his body builing poses. Brock happily agrees and they both strip down before Fabian gets his lesson. Brock is heating up the set and Fabian can't help but to take his pants off and start worshipping his muscle God at!

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New At BI-LATIN MEN: Frances & Isaid

March 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Hetero married Latino men Frances & Isaid suck and fuck at!

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New At MAXIMO LATINO: Pablo and Gerardo

March 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Is there anything more sexy than an eager man ready to make love to his partner? Meet this week's Maximo Latino duo, Pablo and Gerardo. Gerardo is a returning Maximo alumnus, who wanted us to meet his cute friend, Pablo. We weren't sure what to make of our meeting, but it soon became clear that Gerardo was eager to jump Pablo's bones. Well, we love to play matchmaker and make our bad boys' dreams come true, so how could we pass up this opportunity? And Pablo seemed as keen as his partner, so we put our trust in the fates and rolled cameras at!

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