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April 16, 2012 by Cocky Latins

See other handsome Latino men naked and jacking off big uncut meat sticks at!

New At LATINO GAY PASS: Joaquin and Fabricio

April 16, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Joaquin and Fabricio are a young sexy latino with a great slender bodys and nice cocks, he caresses his mate and grabs hold of his uncut cock tugging on it till he's rock hard, showing off his hot ass and meaty nuts he then pounds his ass till they both cum at!

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New At BRAZILIAN DICKS: Alfonso Rosas

April 16, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Alfonso Rosas is one beefy stud he shows off his hot muscles and thick dick this hung brazilian grabs hold of his meat stick and jerks himself till he's rock hard and ready to blow his sticky sweet load all over his smooth skin at!

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New At RAW IN BRAZIL: Johnny

April 16, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Johnny is a hot young brazilian stud, he strips down and shows off his rocking body and thick cock. jerking his dick getting it rock hard in his hand he moans as he shoots his hot load at!

New At MIAMI BOYZ: 18YO Str8 Manuel

April 15, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Manuel is an 18 year old student from Guatemala. He plans to study business when he starts college (he's just out of high school), Of course, like most horny 18 year old boys, his plan right now is to have as much sex as he can and we think he will have no problem with that goal! He has amazing golden brown skin, sexy dark "bedroom eyes", hot ass, amazing 6 pack abs, and a beautiful uncut cock with nice big balls! Check out that foreskin...mouth watering... and I love the bush around his cock. He's a str8 boy, so we put on some hot straight porn for him to watch... it was a couple of sluts sucking off a big black guy. well, the end result shows that he enjoyed it. He shoots a big load of cum over his 6 pack as he drains his very full young balls! Enjoy his never before seen video at!

New At BI-LATIN MEN: Str8 Mathew Bareback Fucks Chris

April 15, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Matthew is a straight boy with a huge fat uncut cock. He has never been with a guy before, but he said he had an emergency and needed money, so he agreed to do gay porn. Chris is a talented bottom that likes to take horse cocks up the ass, so of course he greedily agreed to take this Latin monster cock up his man hole at!

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PAPI COCK's Miguel & Wil

April 15, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Miguel Delgado and Willie Grays. Beautiful Gay Latino Having Hardcore Sex. The #1 Place For Hot Masculine Latino Men. Papicock is dedicated to bringing you hot naked Latino men and boys from around the world. Finding the hottest young Latinos who want to show off their hot Latin cocks at!

New At LUCAS KAZAN: Giuseppe

April 15, 2012 by Cocky Latins

I couldn't get Giuseppe to relax and smile a little --this hot Sicilian jock is even sexier when he flashes a smile. Instead he kept serious throughout the casting, like he was taking a math exam and his life depended on it! If it was an exam, 20 year old Giuseppe passed --you decide his grade: deep brown eyes, dark hair, a huge tattoo and a compact muscular body (5' 7") he sculpts daily at the gym. A nice bush too, for a change... Now, can someone tell him to relax and have fun at!

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New At NAKED SWORD: Brazil's Best Thug Porn

April 15, 2012 by Cocky Latins

An awesome collection of 12 of the hottest men (Alex, Bruno, Gabriel (Pitbull), Grillo, Jefferson (Pitbull), Johnny , Jonathan, Julio, Kaike, Pedro, Victor Lopez) in Brazil. Pedro experiences 12+ incher Alex, then flips him over and fucks him too! Grillo and Lucas give new meaning to sex in the great outdoors, Jefferson and Kaike do the nasty beside the river, and we've also included two very awesome threesomes to keep you nuttin' over and over again at!

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April 14, 2012 by Cocky Latins

young, cute jock from the Southwest. Ryder was a little nervous coming in to meet me. It turns out he was totally fine getting naked in front of the camera, but the interview was the scary part for him. This college cutie is a stripper by night and a hunky trainer by day. Ryder boasts that he is good on the pole and one of his favorite tricks is landing in the splits! I wonder what other tricks this tall, built, filipino mix has up his sleeve. Ryder is very cute with his lovely olive skin and bright blue eyes. But the real treat comes when he pulls his shirt off to expose a rocking body. Ryder has ripped abs, broad shoulders and some pumped up pecs. Tall, tanned, tattooed, and he even has a pair of nice feet on him! Flipped on his back and quiet as church mouse, Ryder launches a bright white straight boy load into a big pool on his six pack at!

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New At MAN AVENUE: Ari Yates

April 14, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Ari Yates IS back in all his undisguised and hard dick glory...stroking his man meat and doing a pretty decent mini-posing-flexing-hard dick routine! I tell you something...Ari is so fucking handsome...that beautiful skin, handsome face, stunning eyes and those lips, those fucking lips. Oh my god...and his cock was hard before his shorts hit the floor (be sure and see the photos). After he shows off for the cameras a bit, he sits back in his chair, throws his leg up on the desk and blows his sticky, gooey cum on himself and lets it drip down his throbbing dick. He stands up, gives us another flex or two...then be sure to catch that last bit of cum drip from his cock as he's walking away at!

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New At RED HOT LATINOS: Gonzolo Forte, Bruno Bordas, Gabriel and Tomas Sebastiani

April 14, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Gonzalo Forte, Bruno Bordas, Gabriel and Tomas Sebastiani. Nico discovers an ad in a magazine for an interesting place. Without hesitation, he heads to the hot spot. Upon arrival, he sees a leather 3-way. He sees some guys wearing masks and intense oral sex including rimming. One of the guys doesn’t waste any time enjoying himself with large dildos. When he finds other group, he does not resist and joins the action. Outside the darkroom he calls a friend Fer telling him that he wants to have a birthday party for their friend Lucas at!

Gonzolo Forte, Bruno Bordas, Gabriel and Tomas Sebastiani free preview video from!

New At WORLD OF MEN: Dominic Pacifico, Steven Waye and David West

April 14, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Dominic Pacifico, Steven Waye and David West Three hot Latin studs, stripped to the waist, are already going at it, kissing and groping one another. Steven and the younger David are both focused on Dominic, the bearded hottie at the center of this happening at!

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New At BOYZ PARTY: Brycen Cox

April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

we discovered the original audition on 18 year old Chicago who came to be known as Brycen Cox. This was one "barely legal" sensation the team eager and happy to welcome to the family of hotties . Brycen is 6' tall, weighs about 140 lbs. and has brown eyes. Oh, and let's be sure to mention a very respectable, and very thick 8" beauty of a dick. "I guess it helps that I have a big dick", Brycen cooed. "Together with being horny 24/7 ", he laughed. Brycen admitted that he's secretly been a fan of all things porn for a few years and could not wait until he turned 18 to pursue his interest in being a model. "Yeah, I really want to try this out and see where it takes me. I'm hot, right? And I'm good at sex. I love sucking, fucking, rimming... just about everything. And I especially loooove big thick dicks. I love taking big ones", he boasted at!

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April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Long Island NYC and Kansas City sportsfan strips off his clothes outdoors in the wild for a hearty jerk on his big brown uncut cock at!

New At BANG BANG BOYS: Lucas Fox Bangs Steve

April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

After getting you all hot and bothered with their action set, it's time to catch my two adonis' in action with this video. See Lucas pummel Steve's ass on the couch and then watch as they cum all over their hot bodies for the camera at!

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New At STR8 RENT BOYS: Cuban Jacob Jake

April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Today I have a Cuban hottie on the futon, named Jacob. He is what many of us would like to look like at, well, at any age, he is: 18 years old, 5'8," 150lbs. has a few tattoos and a very fit, tight body. He actually came to me about a month ago looking for work; I told him we do "gay porn" here so being straight, he went to another studio I know of, for some straight and then gay porn work. Well, things went a little too fast for him so, he came back here for more help in becoming comfortable with gay porn at!

Cuban JACOB JAKE free preview video from!

GAY WEE Latin Pees In Troff

April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Brand new gay pissing from GayWEE.COM! Every hot little drop of sexy guys peeing and having fun! Many models, high quality shots, including closeups and outdoor peeing! See the free tour and previews right now! LIKE THIS MODEL? WANT TO SEE THE FULL SET?! GET INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL OUR PHOTO GALLERIES, MODELS AND UPDATES! Explicit details, fun, and excitment. Gay peeing like never seen before at!


April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Yuu, a student, has a boyfriend who convinced him to do porn. Working himself up, he rubs his beautiful nipples; they harden in response to his touch. Stripping down to his navy blue underwear, we can see he has a lot to offer and we are able to see it. MORE PHOTOS of YUU at!

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New At BOYKAKKE: Cum Facial Car Fuckers

April 13, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Salim and Mits are enjoying a rainstorm and each other in the back of a car, parked on a remote road. Both remove their shirts, while keep an eye on one another, as there is a definite chemistry between them. Mits sucks on Salim's nipples as Salim positions himself to lean against the hatchback door. Mits eagerly spread his legs wide so he may be fully tended to. Now sitting back, enjoying the full services of Salim, Mits' nice thick dick, is revealed. Salim goes up and down on Mits' member happily, in order to taste his friend at!

Cum Facial Car Fuckers free preview video from!


April 12, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Juan has one of those unmistakably charismatic faces that you could pick out of a crowd in a second and never forget. This young Peruvian with ruggedly handsome features has a real personality, too. He also happens to be one of our only openly gay modelsgood news for the gay population of Argentina, where Juan now makes his home, at!

New At BI-LATIN MEN: Los Unico

April 12, 2012 by Cocky Latins

We were really impressed by how well model Los fucked in his first porno, so we paired him up with new gangster model Unico. Don't ask us, but model Unico says he is straight and bottoms only for money. If you don't believe us, don't hate us; we're just reporting what he told us. In this movie, model Los does an even better job at being a hardcore top, fucking Unico with long hard strokes. Wow, we know you will love jacking off to this movie at!

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April 12, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Marcio is one sexy bottom boy. And he just loves playing with his hot ass, by himself, in front of cameras, or with friends at!

LATINO VIDEO: Street Boy Jacking

April 12, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Boys From the Street 4 Clip 2. the Boys on the Street Have Extra Big Cocks Between Their Legs. No Clue Where They Get Those Cocks From. They Prolly Found Them In the Street at!

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New At NEXT DOOR MALE: Mario Romo

April 12, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Here's a solo session you won't soon forget. MARIO ROMO's in the gym, pumping up and blowing off some much built up steam. Join him as he gets a nice swell going in every muscle in his body, including his fat cock! Mario keeps it very spicy, speaking in Spanish while he pleasures himself. His passion and intensity jumps right out of the scene. But be warned, this amazing hunk is muy caliente! Enjoy at!

MARIO ROMO and MARCUS MOJO free preview video from!






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