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New At CHAOS MEN: Carmine

May 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Carmine is an adorable Puerto Rican twink. He has the PR Dick action going. It is big on it's own, but I think tends to look massive on his small frame. He likes guys of all ages, but leans for the more Mature crowd. He likes the Daddies! So a little bit of flirting from both of us going on shooting his photos and videos. I love them Latin guys and he sure did like my mature looks. He likes to bottom, but he doesn't consider himself a bottom, but a "Pleaser." Whatever Daddy wants...Daddy gets! Carmine has a dirty streak in him. I think ass eating, piss play, creampie, and dirty talk all excite him. I loved working with him, and though I am nervous he will not respond well with one of the straight guys who is more interested in using the porn on set for them to watch. Iit throws the gay guys when they realize the dude really isn't into them, and tend to take it personally. Vander and Patrick are some of the few gay guys who know they have to create their own chemistry if it isn't there. So we will see how Carmine does, but I might toss a few Daddies at him to start with at!

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New At RED HOT LATINOS: Tomas Samper, Juan Cruz Real and Lucas Fabrizio

May 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Tomas Samper is also invited to go to the parade, but is not able to go as he is expecting prospective tenants to check out the apartment he is renting. Boyfriends Juan Cruz Real and Lucas Fabrizio show up to see the place; Juan and Lucas like it so much that they need a moment alone to see how it feels having sex in the new location. It feels so good that Tomas has to join the two.Tomas and Juan then take turns fucking Lucas at!

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May 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Our photographer observed Rigo in a night club dancing one night. While he worked up the nerve to talk to him Rigo walked by and accidentally knocked his drink out of his hand. That gave him the perfect opportunity to hit him up about modeling for LatinBoyz.Com. It turns out Rigo had always had a fantasy about doing nude modeling but didn't know how to get into the business. Luckily for all of us fate intervened and we now get to enjoy Rigo and all he has to offer! Height: 5ft 10 inches tall. Weight: 165 lbs. Dick: 7.5 inches uncut at!

New At WORLD OF MEN: Flavio and Denys

May 8, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Flavio has a beautiful body. Denys's is good and he has a great hefty dick. When Flavio gets a feel of Denys's hard-on bulging through his jeans, they both decide to go for it and get naked. Flavio kneels down to service Denys's big cock. The horses seem to be envious. We don't get to see Flavio's dick yet. He sits on Denys's lap and rides his dick for all he's worth. Denys lies back on a bench. We see Flavio naked body, but he's keeps his dick tightly gripped. Then he turns around and rides him some more with his back to the camera, still denying the viewer a look at his dick. Riding seems appropriate. He next takes it doggie style, but it's shot from the rear with Flavio bent over. At last you get to see it that cock, and it's certainly nothing to hide. Spread out on the bench, Denys takes Flavio in the missionary position. There's more big dick in and out. Denis finally pulls all the way out and shoots a big load at!

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New At FIRST AUDITIONS: Sex Maniac Marcos

May 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Marcos is a natural exhibitionist with a high sex drive. Heís in his element being filmed naked and knowing that people are looking at him having worked as a performer on webcam for a while. It wasnít a paid position; he just did it for the thrill of it. Although heís totally straight he gets a sexual thrill when anyone is watching him. He blames his rampant need to unload his balls on his genes since his father also has a reputation as an insatiable sex maniac. He works out every day giving him a nice trim compact body at!

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New At RUGGER BUGGER: Pro Fighter Anthony Ruiz Nude!

May 6, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Ruggerbugger has a video of pro MMA fighter Anthony Ruiz stark naked while being weighed in! Usually fighters only strip down to their tight-fitting sweaty underwear to be weighted but this fearless Mexican-American athlete goes starkers to get the most accurate reading possible and at the same time exposes his cock and balls. See more of Ruiz and the full video at!

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New At ARABIAN DICKS: Abbud Azim

May 5, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Abbud Azim is a well built and hung arab stud, he grabs hold of his cock and tugs on it till it perks up and gets thick and hard, he shows off his hot ass while he jerks his cock till he's ready to let his balls release his thick creamy load at!

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New At BROKE LATINO GUYS: Hernan Shane

May 5, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Hernan Shane is a well built latin stud, he slowly undresses for us and exposes his thick dick between his legs, this muscled stud works his thick dick till its pointing to the sky and demanding to be sat on! Hernan jerks his cock harder and faster till he pops his thick hot load at!

New At BRAZILIAN DICKS: Alvaro Ferraz

May 5, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Alvaro Ferraz is one beefy brazilian stud, he stretches out on the bed with his meaty nuts and thick dick and grabs hold of it jerking himself while his arms and chest flex with every stroke of his thick dick. Moaning as he works his meat stick and edges closer to climax at!

New BANG BANG BOYS: Johnny Bangs Gabriel Liarh

May 5, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Easily one of the hottest, young Latino couples I've ever had the privillege to film, Johnny and Gabriel are so passionate when they start off their video, kissing on the couch. Then Johnny gets Gabriel's ass ready with his tongue, before diving in with his cock to pound the hell out of him at!

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New At SAN DIEGO BOY: Xavier Caballo solo

May 2, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Xavier Caballo, a toned hot Latino. As he is being photographed, we get to see a very nice uncut dick hanging low. During the interview, we meet this 23 year old who needed some work. He talks about his very large dick; he never really thought about it until another guy joked about being envious. He thinks its 8" but I'm going to have to measure this big SDBoy to verify he's only 8". By the way, "caballo" is Spanish for "horse." With Xavier, kisses on the neck or most things get him going; "usually my girlfriend just starts and I'm ready to go" he says. Talking about his girlfriend and other women, "most girls like my big cock, but others have trouble; my girlfriend wishes it would be smaller so she could do more things with it like taking it up the ass." For the solo, I have Xavier take off his shirt and work on getting hard. Unzipping his pants, to make room, he is up in no time and strokes it hard while watching porn. Every now and then, he rewets the head with a bit of spit. Getting fully naked, he stands up; although his dick is not all the way hard, I'm betting he's more than 8". Xavier shakes his dick and grips it firmly, he is not only big, he's thick. As the camera pans below, we can see two nice shaped balls hanging just right at!

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New At RED HOT LATINOS: Julian Terra, Agustin Milf and Joaquin Zangallo

May 2, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Julian Terra hangs by the pool with friends Agustin Milf and Joaquin Zangallo. Next, some intense oral sex goes down. As the heat increases the 3 friends cannot stop, they want more going to the bedroom for some heavy fucking. Julian and Agustin top Joaquin who seems totally insatiable--he just cannot get enough at!

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New At WORLD OF MEN: Damian Ferreyra and Andres Serpico

May 2, 2012 by Cocky Latins

Super smooth-skinned Andres Serpico and scruff-faced Damian Ferreyra are naked and going at it in the hot pink entrance hall of the house. As they kiss and grope, Damian undoes Andresís pants and pulls his big dick out of his shorts. Andres seems more interested in Damianís ass and exposes that. Damian sucks Andresís nipples and dick, deep throating his sizable appendage and stroking his own cock at the same time. Andres returns the favor and, kneeling down, sucks on Damianís uncut cock, with time out for an occasional kiss. Damian bends Andres over the hall table to rim his hot ass, which in turn leads to Andres going for his friendís ass and pounding him in the same position over the table. They finish standing side by side and jacking off at!

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