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New At BOYZ PARTY: Nico Solares & David Viola

April 7, 2013 by Cocky Latins followed sexy Dave down the hall as he spied on Nico; that tall 19 year old with the beautiful eyes, full pouty lips - and the basket that will not quit, catching forty winks in his dorm room. Jumping on the bed and straddling Nico's chest, Dave wastes no time in getting Nico's shirt off and hauling out his cock. Once freed, Dave feasted on Nick's thick, curved uncut cock down to the balls, stopping only to get himself out of his clothes before Nico pushes him to the bed and this time he is the one that climbs across his friend, face fucking him first then standing on the bed, allowing David to lube her now very hungry hole. Putting Dave on all 4's on the bed, Nico gets behind him and delivers that hole the anal assault its been begging for with a steady pile drive of a fuck, before Dave flips over and rides himself to a massive load he squirts all over his abs before Nico pulls out, ungloves, and gives David an even bigger facial, that to Dave anyway, was good to the last drop. The best part of waking up is... at!

New At MEN AT PLAY: Martin Mazza, Rafa Garcia & Antonio Aguilera

April 7, 2013 by Cocky Latins

MAN HOURS, starring Latino straight Porn Stars Rafa Garcia and newcomer Antonio Aguilera, who together perform their first gay sex scene alongside Martin Mazza. This marks Martin's return to gay porn and what a way to come back!! The straight duo feel they are being taken advantage of when cocky executive Martin Mazza puts them through final interviews and then offers them both work, but with no pay. Rafa and Antonio refuse to be humiliated like this and turn on Martin releasing their pent up frustration with a masculine aggression that turns in to hardcore sexual energy. Martin has an impromptu lesson in how to take it like a real man. The duo overpower the arrogant boss and spit roast him over his own desk, giving him a dose of hard straight cock from each end. With Antonio pounding Martins ass and Rafas 10 inch monster cock, fucking his mouth, Martin can only gag and moan as the dicks thrust deeper and deeper. Martin is used and fucked ragged and when the men have had their way they cum over Martins face leaving him a big sticky mess of a man, gasping for breath as he lays on his desk. So, now who's boss? at!

Martin Mazza, Rafa Garcia & Antonio Aguilera video preview from!

New At CIRCLE JERK BOYS: Dylan Drive & Josh Long

April 7, 2013 by Cocky Latins

Josh Long is with us this week so we know all you fur lovers out there will be just fine with this week's update. So will one of our hotter recent additions to the circle, baby-faced Dylan Drive. Dylan made quite the impression kicking off the New Year, for our brother site ExtraBigDicks, with hung hottie James Hamilton. We figured we'd welcome this 19yo uncut Cubanito home to CircleJerkBoys. Sporting his full beard, 20yo Tampa boy Josh is looking edible as ever. "School sucked big cock today", jokes Josh who grabs Dylan and brings him in for a kiss. They start to make out as Josh loses his tee and Dylan's hands start to explore that sexy chest hair. They continue to kiss as Dylan starts to kiss his way south to Josh's crotch. He soon has those pants giving up the content Dylan wants, that hairy cock. As he pulls down his boxers, Josh's cock is already standing at attention and waiting for that mouth to work its magic at!

Dylan Drive & Josh Long video preview from!


April 6, 2013 by Cocky Latins

We met this fine specimen of a Latino boy LEON in the parking lot a supermarket. He looked so fine in his clothes, we immediately wanted to see him without his clothes. His body is so tight and toned, and his uncut dick gets super hard. As if that weren't enough, check out that beautiful perfect ass on him. The only thing we could say when we see him is: ay ay ay at!

LEON free tube video preview from!

New At MAN AVENUE: Anthony Barrera

April 6, 2013 by Cocky Latins

You saw him blow cum on my backdoor, now check him out walking and flexing with a full boner. This naked hunk is back...and harder than ever. Anthony Barrera showers and cleans up before setting out on this steamy video. After stepping out of the bath, he strides down the hall and of course, drops his towel - showing his hot ass - to get things heated up. He enters the room with a huge hardon and does some hot muscle posing and flexing - just to remind us why we love watching him! He leaves the room multiple times, fully boned and then enters again, cock pointing hard in front of him to give us all we want and more. After flexing and pumping blood through all of his hard veins, he lays back, beats his meat to a frenzy, and moans in relief when he blows cum everywhere. Sweating and breathing heavily, we move in for the final glimpses with the cameras as we say goodbye to this muscle stud at!

Anthony Barrera video preview from!

New At LUCAS KAZAN: Manuel

April 6, 2013 by Cocky Latins

From Naples with love! Manuel is 26, studies engineering and has been in a relationship for a year and a half ("my boyfriend isn't happy about this casting", Manuel admits). His smoldering, hypnotic green eyes photograph incredibly well. so does his 7 inch cock and his round butt! Like most Italian men, Manuel considers himself a top, but I wanted to put him to the test as a bottom instead. He passed with flying colors, wouldn't you agree? at!

MANUEL video preview from!

New At KRISTEN BJORN: Sergio Serrano, Nacho Valente

April 6, 2013 by Cocky Latins

Casting Couch #294: Sergio Serrano, Nacho Valente. Nacho Valente has been out jogging and stops for a break and decides to smoke a joint. While enjoying his high Sergio Serrano walks by and peeks Nacho's interest. Nacho imagines Sergio naked and pleasuring himself as he looks on. Both men stroke their fat cocks as they look on in admiration of the other. Nacho drops to his knees and begins sucking on Sergio's fat mushroom head. Sergio's cock is rock hard and super sized, Nacho does everything within his power to chock down this huge cock. Straining for attention as well, Sergio pleasures Nacho's massive cock with his expert oral skills. After some time of gratify face fucking, Sergio flips Sergio over and begins his assault on Sergio's tight ass from behind. Sergio continues to stroke his huge cock as Nacho fucks him deep and hard. As the rhythm begins to build Sergio flips over onto his back and Nacho glides deep within once again. Pumping Sergio's ass with his fat cock, Nacho's balls are smacking against Sergio's ass as they grow heavy with the weight of all the cum building up inside of him. Sergio encourages Nacho to continue with the pounding rhythm until he explodes his huge load all over his ripped abs. Nacho is so turned on watching all the pleasure he has given Sergio that he quickly unleashes his creamy load onto Sergio's balls and cock at!

Sergio Serrano, Nacho Valente free video preview from!

New At LATIN JOCKS: Tarisco

April 4, 2013 by Cocky Latins

Tarisco is a man! Strong masculine features, a hot muscled body and a big bubble butt! This 24 year old is hot! at!

Latino Video: Sague

April 4, 2013 by Cocky Latins

Cute Mixed Race Latino SAGUE With Big Cock masturbating to porn at!


April 4, 2013 by Cocky Latins

Dominic is an outgoing student looking for extra cash. His dark handsome appearance matches his underlying pervy nature. He swings both ways and is easily excitable – especially by the process of auditioning. As soon as he gets his clothes off he has a big hard on ready to go. He’s screwed women and been screwed by men, but he wants to feel what it would be like to top a man. This confident fella can make a lot of money while also exploring his sexual kinks at!

DOMINIC video preview from!

New At RAGING STALLION: Francesco D'Macho, Lucio Saints, Tomy Hawk

April 4, 2013 by Cocky Latins

ADDICTED. Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk are too horny to close the curtain, giving voyeur Francesco DMacho a chance to jack off the way that makes him hardest: watching hot guys fuck. His cellphone records the bulges and spreading wet spots in their shorts, so he can watch again on the train ride home. Lucio and Tomy have matching smooth torsos, 5 o’clock shadows, firm bums and pumped pecs, and Lucio has a defined tan line. He crushes his lips against Tomy’s, then he crushes them against Tomys cock, as if sucking the cum out. When its Tomys turn to give head, Lucios cock nearly doubles in size from the suction of his human vacuum pump. Topping and bottoming are shared in this exciting exchange at!

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