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New At RED HOT LATINOS: Triana and Jim

July 20, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Triana and Jim are making out on the patio. Triana fishes out Jim's boner and starts going to work. Jim gets down on his knees and crams Triana's meat down his throat. They swap back and forth until Jim is on served up on the table for Triana to feast on. After eating his fill, he crams his cock into Jim's wet hole. Soon, Jim's on his back, spread open while Triana pounds away. Jim holds out as long as he can, but eventually spews his load for Triana to lick up. Jim returns to his knees to suck out Triana's load at!

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New At SAN DIEGO BOY: En El Parque Part One

July 20, 2014 by Cocky Latins

These boyfriends are playing in the park. Ben, the one with the long sideburns, wrestles Gabriel, the bottom, to the ground. While the guys roll in the grass, Ben is definitely thinking about tapping some ass. Being very oral, they kiss and lick one another like a "dulce," or candy. This pair has actually been together since they were youngsters and know every inch of each other well. It doesn't take long before Gabriel drops his pants, and bends over his favorite rock; Ben wets the hole and rims the fuck out of his "novio." As the camera zooms in, almost as deep as Ben's tongue, the boyfriends gets into position; seems like Gabriel's ass likes to be "spelunked;" Ben takes rimming to a "hole" new level. Ramming the bottom with four of his fingers, Ben's fisting creates an "opening" needing to be filled. The top then has his lover stand while he blows him; both enjoy the "pre-fuck" load Gabriel spews. Kissing, the boys ready themselves for "segundo parte" at!

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New At BULLDOG PIT: Pedro Lucas & Bruno Bernal

July 17, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Getting hot and horny out on the rooftop, hairy young stud Pedro Lucas gets his job done with aggressive top Bruno Bernal. Slapping his face as he suck on his juicy dick, Pedro loves his job, and gets his face fucked hard! With both men clad in leather waistcoats and boots, the fetish continues to turn these guys on more and more as the air thickens with the scent. Pedro’s ass belongs to Bruno now and after some great spitting, it’s ready for his solid dick to slide into! Pinning him to the bed and working himself as deep as possible, his hips are going crazy as he gets his fill. Standing over his plaything, Bruno dumps his load as sweat pours off his face, dripping a mixture of sweat and spunk all over Pedro as his work is done at!

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July 17, 2014 by Cocky Latins

I like to keep the boys busy when they come to visit. So I leave some games laying around in case they get bored. Harley and Francisco are two of my favorite Latino boys and they've found my sex dice. It starts out innocently with the guys just giving each other arm and shoulder massages. Then Harley gets the task of massaging Francisco's dick! Harley helps Francisco out of his pants and his thick uncut dick pops out, already hard. Harley is busy with the task at hand for a few minutes before he volunteers to put his mouth on it. Francisco obliges and he's soon enjoying the Harley Cox VIP oral treatment. Harley offers a rim job and Francisco immediately flips over to have his ass munched. It feels so good, Francisco wants to return the favor, having Harley bend over and burying his face in the perfect round cheeks. Francisco gets a taste of Harley's foreskin before he bends over and shoves his ass up into the air, waiting for penetration. Harley slides it in gently before going to town on the muscular ass, pounding deep against Francisco's prostate. After riding Harley's cock and getting his sphincter stretched, Francisco kneels before his Latino brother with mouth wide open. Harley explodes a load of cum into his mouth, covering most of his face and chest. Francisco eagerly slurps the last few drops for the foreskin of Harley's pulsating penis at!

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New At SAN DIEGO BOY: Nick Salenas

July 14, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Nick Cums Like He Dances, Fast: A very hot 22 year old dancer, Nick Salenas is back to entertain himself. As you can see, this model is a shy "self-starter." And let's give a "thumbs up" to his masturbation technique, sure thrilled me. Being very visual, I put on porn and just let him "grow." While stroking himself, I zoom in to see that Nick is clean shaven, and very nicely endowed, with a great set of balls; his feet are sexy too. His legs tense and his toned thighs tighten and release, he blows a "quick release" and giggles. He says he usually doesn’t masturbate, too bad, he's great at it; must be a natural at!

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July 14, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Liam Santiago's favorite pastime is talking about how much he can lift. This giant is twice Reid Hartley's size and he is ready to compare. In fact, Reid is just the right size for Liam to lift for a little exercise. He grabs the smaller Latino in a bridal carry and tosses him up in the air a couple times. All the while, Reid is grinning. Then, with Reid in plank position, Liam bench presses him at least twenty times. Reid's got his own strengths that he's willing to demonstrate. He undoes Liam's pants and pulls out his already hard cock, sliding the foreskin up and down a few times. He slips his mouth onto it and strokes with his hand while sucking the uncut monster. As Reid tries to swallow it whole, Liam lays back and just enjoys the service. Reid strips down and gets on all fours so he can feel his hole stretched by the thickness of Liam's brown cock. Liam begins to thrust his hips forward as Reid jerks himself off, moaning as he feels the girth inside him. Finally able to handle the splitting force of Liam's cock, Reid rides him eagerly, staring his partner in the eye as his butthole is opened up. Having had enough impaling, Reid sprays his load onto Liam's stomach, still riding his bull. With Reid's load still pooled on his abs, Liam leaps to his feet and shoots his wad onto his buddy's outstretched tongue at!

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July 14, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Just in time for the World Cup in Brazil, say hello to our Peruvian Soccer Player; Amelio. It's been 11 years since this 5'8" 140 lb hottie has lived in Peru and we are certainly happy that he found his way down South. Amelio is open minded just like a lot of his buddies in Peru and he openly likes having sex with boys and girls. Amelio was getting us all really horny when he was telling us some of his sex romps with his soccer mates. Amelio stood up and peeled off his shirt showing us his naturally smooth and perfectly defined chest. Amelio has nice big broad shoulders and a nice set of guns all leading the way down to his happy trail and a nice big hairy uncut cock. Amelio was hard from the get go grabbing his shaft with his right hand as his free hand roamed his hair legs and his fingers lightly teased his taint. With one leg up on the chair, Amelio settled in with his legs opened and thru his head back and enjoyed the feeling. Amelio started dripping with pre-cum before the main event squirted all over his hairy nuts at!

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July 13, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Bruno wanted to have sex with Michael for a long time because he has a huge uncut cock and sexy body, but when he finally got the chance his dick was so thick he could barely swallow it all. No problem, though, because his ass had no problem opening up for that big dick and it must have felt pretty good because Michael nutted twice in it at!

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New At STR8 FRATERNITY: Enrique Bound

July 13, 2014 by Cocky Latins

Straight go-go dancer Enrique is a total exhibitionist and loves the attention both women and men give him. He knows there are guys who want to suck his thick uncut cock, and he's happy to let them do it, for the right price at!

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July 13, 2014 by Cocky Latins

CASTING COUCH - SONNY ROCK is from the hill country of Texas. But he wants to come to the big city and become a huge porn star. His Mexican accent is very sexy as he tells me what he hopes to do on camera for the first time. For a kid that barely has a gym routine, he's in great shape. His tanned skin is stretched over bulging biceps and peeks that lead to his belt via some rippled abs. He hasn't jacked off for four or five days, so he's ready to get to work on his cock. He peels back the layer of white denim and reaches below his belt line tenderly. It's not long before he pulls back his underwear and a stiff, thick, circumcised cock pops out. He grabs it by the base and begins gently stroking. As he bends forward to take off his shoes, his stiffy pokes him in the middle of two of his rippled abs. As he strokes his big sausage, his hand can barely wrap around it, with his fingers barely meeting each other as they stretch to circumnavigate it. With all his clothes off, it's obvious this guy is naturally almost hairless. The only spots where hair is visible is on the inner parts of his thighs and a black patch of pubes surrounding his towering cock. He spins around for some pillow fucking and his perfectly bulbous ass cheeks rock outward into the room while his triceps strain to support his weight. The tip of his cock oozes precut, which he uses as lube; circling his finger around the head then down the ripples on his shaft. Suddenly his body stiffens and his abs become even more defined. Cum begins squirting from his dick, landing on his abs and dripping over his hip. Several more splashes of white jizz land on his perfectly tan stomach as he convulses with pleasure at!

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